The Basics

What is Floodwood?

Middle Saranac

Floodwood Mountain Scout Reservation is a high adventure base located in Tupper Lake in the Adirondacks. It is owned by the Northern New Jersey Council, Boy Scouts of America.Floodwood specializes in hiking and canoeing treks. Floodwood itself is a base camp from which canoeing and hiking treks leave. While at base camp, crews can partake in waterskiing, water tubing, climbing, repelling, archery, day hikes, or advancement. For each trek a crew either schedules to leave from base camp and be picked at the end of their trek or the crew is dropped off and returns to base camp. Each trek is accompanied by a certified and highly skilled staff member, known as a Voyageur.


Effective 2010, participants must be 13 yrs old by Sept 1 of the year of participation. So, if a boy is 12 now and would like to go to Floodwood this summer they can as long as they will turn 13 before Sept 1st.x

Camp Weeks 2014

All weeks are considered “full” at 8 treks per week. As you can see there are only a few spots remaining in each week. Don’t miss out on a week you’d like to go and reserve your spots today!

Week 1: July 13-July 19

  1. 89
  2. 147
  3. 21
  4. 350
  5. 350

Week 2: July 20-26

  1. Troop 96
  2. Troop 213
  3. Troop 213
  4. Crew 228
  5. Troop 4

Week 3: July 27 – August 2

  1. Troop 206
  2. Crew 11
  3. Troop 77

Week 4:August 3 – August 9

  1. Troop 54
  2. Troop 309
  3. Troop 243
  4. Troop 243
  5. Troop 65
  6. Troop 65
  7. Troop 159
  8. Troop 856
  9. Troop 350
  10. Troop 192
  11. Troop 192

Week 5: August 10 – August 16

  1. Troop 54
  2. Troop 54
  3. Troop 12
  4. Troop 226
  5. Troop 5
  6. Troop 157

2014 Pricing

Per Person Pricing

$425-450 Price Per Person
    • We have returned to a per person pricing for the 2014 summer. The early bird cost for signup is $425 Sign up now and send in your deposit to reserve your spots for our 2014 summer, spots are filling up quickly! Due to off-peak demand for the July 20-26 week the cost is $375 per person! Take advantage of the cheap price and sign up today! The regular signup fee after the early bird deadline is $450

Our Mission

  • Promote the dignity of each individual scout, leader and staff member, helping them to develop their character to full potential through a challenging outdoor program.
  • Provide a Highly trained and motivated staff to enthusiastically work with scouts and leaders.
  • Develop and implement an exciting program designed to educate and challenge each scout, leader and staff member.
  • Encourage each scout, leader and staff member to set and achieve the highest possible goals for physical, mental and moral fitness.
  • Maintain a facility that is clean, safe and ready to serve the needs of both scouts and non-scouts.

Our Facilities

FMR Waterfront

  • We have two camps: West Pine Base Camp and Rollins Pond Canoe Base.
  • West Pine is our primary camp facility with most of our campsites and camp buildings (program building, commissary, trading post, health lodge, and shower house).
  • Rollins Pond is our second base and contains a few smaller campsites (Rollins pond is used as a campsite only after West Pine has reached capacity). Rollins also has a second shower house, a program building  and is where the waterskiing and water tubing takes place.
  • Rollins Pond is the main launching or returning point for the majority of our treks.
  • Additonal campsites will be opened up at the West Pine Pond base starting summer 2013 to hold additional campers.

Camp History

Floodwood Mountain Scout Reservation was acquired by Bergen Council, BSA on November 22, 1963. Over the next year, plans were drawn up for an ambitious camping reservation with multiple camps on different parts of the property. As a first step, an outpost camp was established at Rollins Pond for the summer of 1965. Since the concept of wilderness camping offered by a local council camp was a new idea, attendance was by invitation and only units with the required depth of adult leadership were considered. The initial experience was successful and for the next four summers the program was continued and expanded. Problems with water supply led the Council to explore other areas of the reservation for a permanent camp site. The initial expansive plan for multiple camps was already being reconsidered, and in the end West Pine Pond was chosen for development. It is at this site that units have camped since the summer of 1970, while they have continued to use Rollins Pond as the launching point for canoe treks and for the water skiing program. What makes Floodwood unique is its location on Rollins Pond, which, in turn, connects directly into the vast Saranac, St. Regis, Tupper, Raquette, and Fulton Chain of canoe waters.