Custom Treks Tailored to You

Floodwood Mountain Scout Reservation operates an open program. Your trek is fully customizable. The many lakes and 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks offer endless opportunities for different treks. In fact your unit could go to Floodwood Mountain Scout Reservation for the next 20 years and never take the same trek twice (hint, hint). The Rollins Pond Canoe Base’s strategic location allows for access to a chain of many lakes in the area. Depending on the preferences of your unit, you may choose to do a week long canoe trek or a week long High Peaks trek, or anything in between.

On these treks you are not alone. Your Voyageur will guide your unit throughout your journey. A Voyageur is a trained guide by BSA and New York State standards. You will first meet your Voyageur the day you get to camp and he will work with you to assess your level of ability for your trek. He will be there to teach you about hiking and canoeing and low impact camping. He will then join you and stay with you throughout your trek. Upon return from your adventure, you will have the opportunity to rock climb and water ski.


A Typical Floodwood Week

Groups are asked to arrive between 12pm and 3pm. Once in camp, each group meets their Voyageur who will be their guide and mentor for the week. Your Voyageur will give you a tour of our facilities. During this process, you will complete your standard BSA Medical Check and complete the swim test at our West Pine Pond.

After finishing their camp check-in, groups are given a bit of time to continue getting to know their Voyageurs and begin planning for their week. Voyageurs are responsible for doing a gear shakedown with each crew in order to help aide the scouts in picking the appropriate gear and making sure each group has the necessary items to have a safe and effective trek!

A flag ceremony is held at 6pm and immediate followed by a camp wide barbecue. After dinner, we hold a leader’s meeting to discuss logistics for the week and then everyone is dismissed back to their campsites to relax and take care of any last minute arrangements necessary for the week.

Groups depart on their treks! Some groups choose to be dropped off at a destination and return to camp while others choose to leave from our basecamp and get picked up at their destination. Groups decide drop off and pickup times at the leader’s meeting the night before, some groups choose to get out as early as 6am. We are here to accommodate you and willing to get you on the water as early as you would like. On very busy weeks we randomize the drop off and pick-up times to make it fair for everyone.
Groups are out on their scheduled treks!
In-camp activity days depending on when your group decides to arrive back into camp. We strongly encourage groups to stay out the full 5 days and 4 nights and arrive back into camp on Friday. At 9pm we hold a campwide slideshow and closing campfire!
Groups depart for home after an 8am flag ceremony!

In Camp Activities

By far the in-camp favorite! Bring the troop for a fun water skiing session out of our Rollins Pond Base. Every crew member gets the choice between a challenging water-skiing session or having a thrilling ride on the tube! This surely will be an unforgettable experience for each of the scouts.
Enjoy a rewarding rock climbing session on our natural rock face with our highly trained staff. Best of all what goes up must come down! Have a blast rappelling down our rocks! Also ask about rock climbing merit badge!
Bring the troop on down to our archery range for a troop session! Located at the back of the parking lot each scout will be able to shoot to their hearts content!
Take one of our sailboats out onto West Pine Pond and test your sailing skills!
Enjoy a one mile hike up Floodwood Mountain for a breath taking view. Also ask your voyageur about an overnighter on the summit and an early wake up for an incredible sunrise!
We offer troop swims in the always refreshing West Pine Pond. Also ask your voyageur about an attempt at the mile swim!
Work on canoeing merit badge with your highly skilled voyageur down at our waterfront.
We offer a few options for day canoeing trips out of our West Pine Base. Take a journey to the remote Ledge Pond, arguably the most pristine pond in the Adirondacks, and enjoy a wonderful area that not many people ever get to see. Also with our Rock Pond loop you will have an unforgettable trip over beaver dams and log flows and don’t forget a perfect Kodak moment on the “Jesus Rock” at Rock Pond.
If you arrive back in camp early you may take a trip into the Adirondack High Peaks and climb one or more of the 46 peaks over 4000ft! The views are spectacular!
Looking into earn that 50 miler award? Well then you’ll be needing some service hours! Talk to your voyageur about getting a troop service project that will benefit the camp and earn those hours towards the award.
In between activities or during some down time, enjoy our program building. There is ping pong, foosball, pool, darts and more!

Merit Badges

We are not a merit badge camp and do not run merit badge classes. But, it is possible to work on numerous nature and water type merit badges while at Floodwood. If you plan to work on any of the listed merit badges you must let camp know of your intention to work on the badge prior to arriving at camp so we can allocate the correct knowledgeable voyager to your crew. We cannot promise that you will complete the badge during your week at Floodwood due to your trek activities.